6 learnings from a real-time dashboard for social media monitoring and social CRM



6 learnings from a real-time dashboard for social media monitoring and social CRM

Hybrid dashboards, that mix monitoring and social CRM data, can be useful to follow the brand’s image and CRM team’s productivity on a single screen. Know the data that can be explored and help managers to save time on social media strategic management.

#1 Not all platforms are the same

We created a dashboard example with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. You will learn that not all platforms are the same for monitoring and social CRM. Find out, for example, which social media platforms have the highest CRM demand.



#2 Less is more: less data can help you answer more questions

Focus on a single dashboard reports which can contain:

  • Number of mentions;
  • Number of services;
  • Mention’s sentiment;
  • Services by channel;
  • Productivity.

#3 The stars in your team: a dashboard that shows your most productive employees

With a dashboard like this, you can measure your analyst’s productivity according to the social media platform they work on, as well as know how many interactions happened during a certain time period (last 24h, 7 days, 30 days…).


#4 You can be more precise: detail what you want to know

Create dashboards with precise information about your analysts:

  • Analyst individual productivity per platform (last 30 days);
  • Total interactions (last 30 days);
  • Interactions per platform (last 30 days);
  • Facebook page mention volume (last 30 days);
  • Non tagged sentiments (last 30 days);
  • Post collections (last 30 days);
  • sentiment mentions (last 30 days).

#5 Yes, you can keep a close eye on the competition!

With this dashboard, you have the total volume of mentions your brand received and your brand’s (or competition) interactions during a determined time period, besides knowing each one of these mention’s sentiment – great to quickly visualize your brand’s data.

Here you can group reports with:

  • Mentions volume;
  • Interaction volumes;
  • Interaction sentiments.


#6 Summarize what over 240 communication vehicles in the country talk about

Register communication vehicle pages that can talk about subjects related to your brand’s universe (or your consumer’s universe).



You can create reports with:

  • News page’s posts volume (by time period);
  • Themes most talked about on the news;
  • User comments related to your brand;
  • Recurring terms from users;
  • Amount of comments per hour and
  • Which posts had the best performance inside your channel.

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