Beer is the most consumed beverage during New Years Eve



Beer is the most consumed beverage during New Years Eve analyzed 48.049 pictures posted on Instagram between 11p.m. on the 12/31/2016 and 1a.m. on the 01/01/2018, searching for logos of beverage companies on pictures in the platform, and found out that beer is the most consumed beverage during the holiday, with bigger numbers than champagne.

Through a hashtag search related to New Years (#NewYears2017, #HappyNewYear, #Happy2017 ), stored a database of over 48 thousand images and later used their logo detection algorithm to identify and analyze, among photos shared on Instagram, which drinks appeared the most during the holiday. Thanks to the Brand Logo Detection technology from, the brand didn’t have to be mentioned, being enough that the drink appeared in the picture.

The beer category was the winner, with over 40 thousand logos identified (one image can contain more than one logo), followed by wines (12.765 identifications), sodas (8.609) and only after, sparkling wine.

Number of logos identified by category:

Base: 48,049

Another category that stood out was whisky

Inside the beer category, Heineken was the main brand mentioned (4.629 appearances), followed by Skol (4.315 appearances). The brands appear in moments of consumption with friends.

Another insight we were able to gather was of associated consumption, where we noticed, for example that Jack Daniel’s is the main brand, being mixed with Coca-Cola (4.820 images).

The logo identification is possible not only for the beverages segment, but for a series of situations, such as football teams, sports brands, cars, banks, consumption goods and allows us to identify situations beyond consumption situations, such as associations made with the brands and the moment in the Consumer’s Journey where they appear.


More about Brand Logo Detection technology: 

Brand Logo Detection identifies, through an API, the products’ and companies’ logos in pictures posted on any social media with attachable images, even if the name of the brand is not mentioned on the description or on hashtags and tags.

The technology analyzes over 1 million images at once without human help, expanding the engagement possibility and channel searches beyond term associated to the brand. The researches’ domain is expanded to moments where the brand is present, but not mentioned. For example: by monitoring #happyhour, #barbeque, #nightclub on Instagram, we can create a share of voice report of the beer brands that appear the most on the images.

How can Brand Logo Detection be useful?

●      By increasing the real time interaction opportunities by expanding searches for hashtags that relate to the brand, even if the brand isn’t mentioned.

●      Leaving the touchpoints concept behind and exploring the consumer’s journey.

●      Creating shares indicators about the brand or it’s competitors, without having to rely on monitoring terms.

●      Finding influencers that are using your brand, but without mentioning it, for future actions.





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