Do you know when and how many times your brand appears on consumers’ pictures?



Do you know when and how many times your brand appears on consumers’ pictures?

It is unanimity between theorists that we are living in an era when image prevails in communication. Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest’s success is an example of that. Social media users are stimulated to share moments of their lives, leaving a digital trail on their consumption journeys. However, they not always talk about the brands that are present in their daily lives, and because of that many insights are lost, especially on social media monitoring.

In search for a solution, created a new service for Buzzmonitor: the Brand Logo Detection, which identifies, through an API, companies’ logos in pictures that are published in any social media with attachable images, even if the brand’s name isn’t mentioned on the description or through hashtags and tags.

This technology analyzes over one million images at once without human help, expanding the engagement possibility and searches beyond terms associated to the brand. The researches are expanded to moments when the brand is present, but not mentioned. Example: by monitoring #happyhour, #barbeque, #nightclub on Instagram, we can create a “share of voice” report of beer brands that appear the most on images.

How can Brand Logo Detection be useful?

●      By increasing real time interactions opportunities by expanding hashtag searches that send you to the brand’s domain, even if the brand isn’t mentioned.

●      By leaving the touchpoints concept and exploring the consumers’ journeys.

●      Creating share indexes about the brand or its competitor’s not having to rely on monitoring terms.

●      Finding influencers that are using your brand, but without mentioning it, for future actions.


On a pilot Project, did a test with Coca-Cola. Aligned with the movements and territories where the brand performs, we selected a few hashtags that had reach within the target audience and in drinkable moments: #happyhour, #bbq, #lunch, #friends, #bday, #nightclub and #nightout.


The tool brought, in a short time, a thousand images compatible with the brand logo.



The same can be done with check-ins. On the example below, we searched for check-ins in the “Olympic Barra Park” and in the “Olympic Park” during the Olympics. This way, we identified brands that appeared the most on the pictures during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Brands found: Bradesco, Caixa, Claro, Coca-Cola, Nissan and Piraquê.

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