Facebook news, manage exportations and find out the gender and profile from your YouTube audience



Facebook news, manage exportations and find out the gender and profile from your YouTube audience

We were hard at work during the holidaysto bring  new updates to our Buzzmonitor users for this new year!

Monitorea publicaciones y comentarios de páginas de Noticias en Facebook con un sólo click

Using Buzzmonitor, you can create a database of the main news pages in your country and monitor your brand in it on real time. The only thing you have to do is apply the pages you want to monitor and create reports that allow you, with just one click, to access a real-time dashboard with information of the main subjects discussed on the news and possible mentions of your brand.


Find out who’s talking about your brand on YouTube by monitoring your user’s biography.

Just like in other social media platforms (Twitter and Instagram), it is now possible to know the profile of a YouTube user with the help of the bio field. By filtering the monitored terms by bio, besides finding potential influencers for your next campaign, you can know more important details about what type of users are engaged to your brand.


Find out the gender of the people who comment in your YouTube cannel.

YouTube used to block the data analysis by gender. Now this restriction is over and it’s possible to find out if the users who comment the most on your videos are men or women, and like that, help you define the best communication strategies for your brand or company in this particular platform.



Optimize the control and exportation of reports

It is now easier to find all the exportations made in your brand’s reports in a single page. The only thing you need is to go in the page “Exports” through the settings menu. The exportations are still sent by e-mail, but like this you can keep up with each exportation request’s status.

These suggestions are part of this months Buzzmonitor updates. Check out more functions that are going to help your daily work on social media, even when you’re using our FREEMIUM version. Do you want to know what other kind data you can collect with Buzzmonitor?  Try it for free!

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