Instagram bios can be strategic for your brand



Instagram bios can be strategic for your brand

You can find out in what other social media platforms Instagram users are; what’s the most common profession among its users; what’s their favorite team; which users need preferential services; in what moment of their lives they’re at, among many other possibilities.


1. Find the social media platforms your consumers use the most

Find out if the users who talk about your brand are also using other networks, such as: YouTube, Facebook and blogs. Also, note that it’s possible to identify Snapchat influencers, a network which still doesn’t allow monitoring

2. Find out the professions and hobbies from your brand’s customers

Through the Instagram user’s bio, you can find out what is the most common job among users that talk about your brand, product or competition. We noticed that the most common occupations among Instagram users (from january 2015 to october 2016) are: designer, journalist, photographer and nutritionist.

3. Know which sports teams your consumers support

Find out which team your brand’s consumers support.

We noticed, for example,  that among brazillian useras,  “Corinthians” and “Palmeiras” are the soccer teams that appear the most on Instagram bios.

4. Find out who is priority on customer service

The bio search, on Twitter and Instagram, is great to find out personal aspects about the users. Here, for example, it is possible to know which people are  wheelchair users. By correctly using bios on Social CRM it’s possible to prioritize costumer service to any kind of audience.

5. Find out in which moment of their lives, are your consumers (mothers, parents, students…)

Finding out in which moment of their lives your consumers are is very important when it’s time to define communication strategies

Here, we identified users who declare to be “mom”, “mommy”, “married” and “wife”. The terms “student” and “father” could also be found.


6. Find out influencers or personal taste: vegan, fashion, hair stylist…

Last, but not least, it’s also possible to find out what are the preferences of Instagram users. If they’re vegan, if they like movies, if they work with make up or if they’re hair stylists.

We noticed there are many ways to find a user who talks about “Make Up”, “Fashion” or “Beauty”

But how to do that?

With a Buzzmonitor account, you can search on all the Instagram bios. Just create a folder and a new report.

On the “Edit Report” menu you must define the main settings. Choose the time period you wish to collect, and on “Services” select only the Instagram option.


On “Instagram Only”, on the bio field, you’ll define the terms you want to search.

On “Variables”, change the “Group By” option to “Bio”, and “Dimension” to “Unique Users”.

Your Instagram Influencers report is ready!

Create a Buzzmonitor account and start monitoring Instagram bios for your brand!

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